LAMMA 2020: Cousins Top Disc

Cousins is now making a short disc cultivator, the aptly named Top Disc.

by Mervyn Bailey

10 Jan 2020

On show were the 3.0m rigid and 4.0m folding models, which will be joined by 5.0 and 6.0m models. There's a choice of 510mm scalloped or plain discs with individual rubber cord protection for each arm, which has maintenance-free bearings.

Both models at LAMMA had an open channel, soil-to-soil roller, resulting in a weight of 1,400kg and 2,170kg respectively, but this can be exchanged for the firm’s Razor Ring packer, upping the weight to 1,870kg and 2,630kg.

Prices as shown are £6,995 and £9,995 for the 3.0m and 4.0m models.