LAMMA 2020 Preview: Kuhn SB

This will be the first time that the Kuhn SB square balers will be shown in the UK.

by Mervyn Bailey/Steven Vale

7 Jan 2020

The full range includes the 80x90 SB890, 120x70 SB1270X and the 120x90 SB1290 alongside the twin-plunger, high-density version, the SB1290ID.

The intake performance has been increased by 15% over the previous LSB models, thanks to higher torque on the rotor and feeder fork driveline. The torque regulation system monitors pressure on the driveline, including the crank angle position sensor and plunger rod load pins.

Picking up different pressures in the plunger cycle, the operator is guided to steer left or right to feed extra material into one side of the machine to achieve higher bale weights. The flywheel is now 485kg, which will hopefully lead to a smoother ride for the operator. Load-sensing hydraulics are now supplied as standard.