LAMMA 2020 Preview: SlurryKat Duo

SlurryKat says it has developed new 10m and 12m Duo dribble bars that feature a lower frame height to bolster operator visibility.

by Mervyn Bailey/Steven Vale

6 Jan 2020

The dribble bar frame is still strong enough to carry a Bak-Pak Reeler umbilical hose system, which has also been tweaked to handle up to 1,200m of 125mm diameter pipe.

The dribble bar arms initially fold vertically while the outer sections fold back and down to minimise the transport height.

The macerator is sourced from Vogelsang, with the option of twin units on the 12m boom. The Duo dribble bars can be used as part of an umbilical set-up or mounted on a tanker; in both arrangements there is the option of using a splash plate.