LAMMA 2020 Preview: Sulky Progress

Sulky will have its new Progress power harrow drill on display at LAMMA. The harrow has a double skin, deeper trough, so there is no need for the additional struts going to the headstock; this improves visibility to the coulters.

by Mervyn Bailey/Steven Vale

6 Jan 2020

The gearbox on the HR300 is rated for tractors delivering up to 300hp at the pto. But it is the Progress P100 drill that has seen the biggest Sulky advancement. There are three coulter options: P30 and P100 single discs, and the P50 double-disc unit, with the name referring to the max pressure.

The hopper can be split up to three ways with an overall maximum capacity of 2,000 litres. The drill is ISObus compatible, and you can even control it through Wi-Fi via an iPad.

Various valve options mean the drill can shut off any number of coulters — useful for contractors operating a 4.0m drill for a farm on 27m tramlines, for instance.