LAMMA 2020 Preview: Valtra SmartGlass

Available as an option via the Unlimited studio with serial production planned for late 2020, the SmartGlass heads up display (HUD) is based on transparent display technology laminated between two glass surfaces.

by Mervyn Bailey/Steven Vale

27 Dec 2019

Positioned in the centre of the tractor’s front windscreen, the operator to see vital information about the tractor without needing to look away from the work at hand. With a strong focus on front loader work, SmartGlass can display various information from the factory-fitted Valtra loader such as tipping angle or load weight; or basic tractor information such as gear, engine rpm or driving speed. The operator is able to choose what is visible on the HUD display via the SmartTouch touchscreen terminal.

Valtra will also show a special T234 Direct with Unlimited Studio options including black rims, black wheel weights, full LED light package and dark interior, finished with a colour wrap.

An A114 HiTech4, N154 Active both with loader, S394 and T194 Versu, featuring Valtra Unlimited customisation options, will also be on the stand as will the new four-model F Series range of vineyard and orchard tractors (75hp to 105hp), which will go on sale in the UK in early 2020.

The Valtra Guide automated steering system, which was fully updated in the autumn, will also be at LAMMA. Whereas previously the operator had to switch between map screens and settings, now the settings appear in the map screen. These can be displayed using the icons on the sides of the screen or by tapping the screen once.

This makes it possible to change or check all settings without having to exit the map screen. Selecting fields and creating waylines has also been simplified, says Valtra, and waylines, obstructions and entries are retained in the memory for future tasks.