Lawnmower version of Fendt 942

Some customers go to great lengths to pimp their tractors. That others prefer to take a different route is evident with the paintwork on this ride-on mower.

by Steven Vale

13 Jan 2021

Based on a two-year old petrol-powered Stiga mower, the Fendt decals and colours are the result of work by Belgian farmer Andy Vanden Berghe and his 16-year-old son Milan.

With a mixed farm in the Belgian region of east-Flanders, the family are long time Fendt tractor users, the first of which, a Farmer 3S in 1965. The family’s current Fendts (two 104s and a 308) were supplied by HH Agri (Hilaire Van der Haeghe).

Andy and Milan not only changed the paintwork and added the stickers, but also added the bull bar to the front and made a drawbar for the rear.

With the 240-litre grass collector removed, the drawbar is connected to a small trailer. “It needs a hard surface to run on, but we use it to tow straw bales and feedstuffs for our three horses,” says Andy.

The model number is easily explained. They considered labelling it as a 1015 Vario (15hp Briggs & Stratton two-cylinder engine), but in the end decided that the front end of the tractor closely resembles that of the 942 Vario.

Main pilot Milan is not only looking forward to cutting grass with it this season, but also to visiting the Fendt facility at Marktoberdorf sometime soon.