Lely updates Luna rotating cow brush

It is 10 years since Lely launched its Luna rotating cow brush. Developed to allow cows to safely get rid of dust and itches, the latest version of the popular back scratcher features a more durable brush.

by Steven Vale

30 Jul 2018

Other updates include a stand-alone electronic box, and a new electric motor with a higher IP rating for better protection against water and dust. The motor is also equipped with overrun safety protection, which says Lely, ensures maximum cow comfort and longer brush lifetime.

The new and more efficient gearbox not only consumes 40% less energy than the previous version, but also generates less heat.

Activated when an animal pushes against it, the brush has two directions of rotation. This allows the bristles to keep their shape longer than those that have only one, says the company.

Grooming with a brush gives cows healthy and shiny coats, stimulates blood circulation for a quieter and more productive herd and improves animal hygiene, says Lely.