Lemken purchases Steketee

Recognising that current chemical usage could be curtailed in the future, Lemken has purchased Steketee, who produce a range of mechanical weeding options utilising camera technology.

by Mervyn Bailey

30 Aug 2018

The Dutch firm also manufactures a range of tillage tackle including front mounted swing furrow press and even a plough range under the Rumptstad name.

At this week’s press conference the main talking point was the weeding range, with Lemken’s CEO, Anthony van der Ley hinting early on in proceedings that reduced chemical usage would be a future challenge for farming. Later that evening he announced the acquisition of Machinefabriek Steketee.

“The acceptance of chemical crop care agents is decreasing, both among farmers and within the broader society,” said Mr van der Ley. “At the same time, resistance against currently available active substances is continually increasing, while hardly any new substances are coming onto the market. Also, legal requirements are becoming more and more stringent, and we therefore need effective alternatives. Given the widespread use of herbicides, they offer the greatest potential for reducing the use of chemical crop care products. Lemken is fully aware of this responsibility, and we intend to promote mechanical weed control by adding hoeing technology to our product range.”

For now it will be business as usual for Steketee which will be channelled through Lemken’s wider dealer network. It is expected that in time the range will don Lemken blue and the Steketee name could be phased out. Production is to stay in the Netherlands as that is where the staff expertise are. Lemken points out that this is what it done with the two sprayer makers, RTS and Jacoby, which it purchased in 2005.

The purchase does not include Steketee’s ventilation business while former owner and managing director, Klaas Veerman will continue to have responsibility for Steketee’s operative management together with Iljan Schouten, head of Lemken’s crop care division