Lemken has joined the front tank, rear coulter market with the Solitair 23. This can be used with the Zirkon 12 folding harrow on working widths up to 6.0m. The 1,900 litre front tank is an in-house development and can also be used with the Azurit precision seeder which Lemken has been demoing in the UK this season.

Made from PE the tank sits lower and wider to boost forward visibility and has a simple tarp roll-back cover on the non-pressurised version. There are four electrically powered metering units under the hopper, each feeding a 75mm pipe running back either alongside or underneath the tractor to their respective distribution heads.

Speaking of the distribution heads on the Solitair 23, these are a new design which we first seen on the Solitair 25 – see profi 11/2016 for a driving impression. A plastic inner sleeve has eight outlets which line up with the pipework for the respective coulters, when tramlining this inner sleeve moves vertically to a six whole outlet and the metering unit reduces the amount of seed being sent back to match the lesser number of coulters. Other sleeve options are available for different tramline options and thanks to the hoses all being 1.0m long, they can be simply swapped to alter the track width.

The front tank is already set-up for the addition of a tyre packer directly underneath. The front step section hinges down to minimise the on-road length of the drilling rig.

The Opline comes in an M version with manually set coulter pressure up to 40kg, while the H variant is hydraulic and can apply up to 60kg.