The Canadian manufacturer used this year’s harvest to demonstrate a fleet of the new generation FD2 models in the UK. The new headers are claimed to operate 30% faster and have a 20% higher capacity than the FD1.

Draper headers are increasing in popularity in the UK and Europe and the FD2 is designed for the challenging conditions, heavier crops and rolling fields.

The resulting FD2 is said to be lighter but stronger and provides improved visibility from the cab of the drapers, reel and cutterbar. Numerous features contribute to the extra 20% capacity, one of which is the wider belts (FD2 drapers 1.27m deep/FD1 1.07m).

Simplicity was a key part in the development of the FD2, which can be set up, adjusted and serviced with simple tools. The five-model range comprises the FD230 (9.1m), FD235 (10.6m), FD241 (12.5m), FD245 (13.7m) and FD250 (15.2m).

All have three flexible sections. The FD230, FD235 and FD241 come with two reel sections. The new triple reel format on the FD245 and FD250 allows the entire header frame, cutterbar, and reel to follow ground contours together, flexing up to 43.2cm at both ends.

The optional ContourMax wheels allow the header to flex while following ground contours (up to a stubble height of 46cm), and the improved knife drive (directly hydraulically powered instead of belt driven) and new knife section geometry with 25% more cutting surface allow the FD2 to travel at 30% faster speeds.

“The mechanical nature of the float and flex mechanisms with the FD2 provide instantaneous terrain following which is completely independent of the combine,” says Rob Brough area sales and product support (UK & Iberia) of MacDon UK. “This reduces bulldozing and the pick-up of stones, and gives a more consistent stubble height.”

The FD235, FD241 and FD245 were out in the UK this year working in a wide range of crops including wheat, barley, oilseed rape, linseed, beans, millet, peas and various grass seeds.”

The FD2 will be fully released in the UK for the 2022 harvest. The FD1 is still available as a 7.6m model.