The majority of the dozen LTC 1s (Light Tool Carrier) sold by Dutch-firm HAK since the launch last year, work in the Netherlands and Belgium. Providing a more affordable option for growers that do not have enough mechanical hoeing work to justify a tractor, the lightweight vehicle, which can work in row widths from 15-75cm, is suitable for use in a wide range of crops, including carrots, onions and lettuce. Price of the 2wd self-propelled hoe starts from around €11,000. This includes a 12hp Honda petrol engine, hydraulic drive and steering, and one linkage. Potential customers concerned about engine noise might like to know it is possible to specify a cover, and the company has also made an electrically-powered version, which with a fully-charged battery runs for around six hours. Also, although it has not yet been requested, it is also possible to order the machine with a cab. Fitted with front, mid and rear linkages, the machine on display at Bejo Zaden’s machinery show last week costs around €15,000 (including HAK-made hoes and track eradicators). The linkage arms are raised/lowered using three mechanical levers, and there is just one forward and one reverse gear. Engine speed is controlled via a foot pedal and the LTC 1 has a top speed of 7km/hr. The LTC 1 comes on a track width of 1.5m. The vehicle is 1.7m wide and has a length of nearly 3m, a wheelbase of 1.85m and a ground clearance of 460mm. It is not yet on the drawing board, but there is interest for a machine on a 2m track width, which will almost certainly require a more powerful engine.