Lime spreading option for Vredo Trac

Dutch firm Vredo has further increased the flexibility of its 450hp self-propelled VT4556 drive unit with a lime spreading body made by Belgian company MDM.

by Steven Vale

4 Feb 2019

Heading to SIMA later this month, the new 14.5m³ capacity lime spreader is in addition to the existing 19,500-litre slurry tank, 20.0t Tebbe manure spreader and 17,000-litre Vinasse sprayer/umbilical body.

With 3mm steel sides and a 4mm stainless steel bottom, the lime spreader has vertical front and rear walls, hydraulically-powered stainless steel floor chain, waterproof metal cover and dynamic weight system. The hydraulically driven augers provide a working width of 14.0m.

For those of you unfamiliar with the VT4556, Vredo launched it in 2015 to fill the gap following AGCO’s decision to end production of the TerraGator. Equipped with Michelin 1050/50R32 boots (steered front and rear axles/crab steer), the tranny is a CVT and the standard spec includes both front axle and cab suspension.