Limited edition Massey tractors

Massey Ferguson has introduced a range of limited edition S series tractors as part of its 175th anniversary celebrations. Customised at the Beauvais factory in France, all 175 'specials' are equipped with the top-spec Exclusive specification.

by Steven Vale

21 Jul 2022

Finished with bright red bonnets and fenders, the grey stripes put the iconic ‘Little Grey Fergie’ at the heart of the distinctive design. The tractors also come with a dedicated 3D metallic chrome decal along with the 175 limited edition logo.

All top S series models are available as limited edition Exclusive versions. These include the 5S.145 Dyna-6, 6S.180 Dyna-VT, 7S.180 Dyna-6, 7S.210 Dyna-VT, 8S.265 Dyna-7 and 8S.305 Dyna-VT. Available to order now, the limited edition tractors also come with numerous personalised cab details and an individual gift pack for every customer.

“With strictly limited production, we expect these very special tractors to sell out quickly,” says Massey Ferguson marketing director Jérôme Aubrion. “Like many of our past iconic models, they will be treasured by owners and are set to be highly prized by collectors for years to come.”