Limited edition Valtra tractors

This year is Valtra’s 70th anniversary, and to mark the occasion the Finnish tractor maker is making a limited number of T-series specials.

by Steven Vale

8 Jan 2021

Valtra tractors are available in a bewildering array of different liveries, but the paintwork of the first Valmet tractor, the 15hp 15A in 1951, was red, and the limited edition Ts are finished in a deep, metallic red.

The anniversary treatment, which is available on the 190hp T174e, 210hp T194, 230hp T214, 250hp T234 and 271hp T254, includes a 70-year logo on the left door hinge and tinted windows.

It also includes a leather seat, steering wheel and passenger seat with red stitches, soft black interior and SmartTouch armrest, red side rail and black wheel rims. The tractors also come with a 70-year registration plate, additional (red) interior light and Unlimited floor mat.

Anyone keen to get their hands on one will have to be quick because the 70 red edition models are not just available in the UK, but also throughout Europe and the Middle East. Valtra says it will donate €500 for each one sold to a good cause.