The Väderstad Tempo L 8-24 can be equipped with a fully integrated liquid fertiliser option. Developed in response to customer requests, the main visible difference to current planters is the 2,000-litre plastic hopper.

Liquid fertiliser can either be applied in the seed row or alongside the row via the fertiliser coulters. The system allows a wide range of different liquid fertiliser application rates from 30-200lit/ha with a row spacing of 75cm at speeds of 15km/hr without changing nozzles.

Sensors continuously monitor the flow of liquid passing through the system, automatically controlling the application rate on the move. There is no need to calibrate the system.

Fully integrated into the iPad-based E-Control control system, an extra display on the side of the planter allows settings to be changed.

The filling of the liquid fertiliser tank can either be done using an external pump or gravity, or alternatively using the on-board pump.

The machine is equipped with a 100-litre clean water tank, washing system and protective clothing storage compartments.

The first public outing for the new liquid fertiliser option will be at Agritechnica in November. The first machines will be available early 2024.

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