The Toppa 600, a new three-bed folding haulm topper from Grimme UK, is the first-ever folding haulm topper to be built in Germany with two, two-row toppers at the rear and a two-row topper at the front to span six rows in total.

Designed for the UK’s 90cm rows, main features include hydraulic depth control, a floating frame so that the chassis follows the contours of the row, and a blade configuration that shreds and blows the cut haulm into the bottom of the row well out of the way from the lifting process.

With the ability to lift the left or right arm for transportation and single-sided haulm topping, tractor power requirement is around 140hp. Options include automatic row-finding feeler arms that run in the rows, sensing its sides and moving the cutting blades left and right to keep them central, thereby eliminating scalping.

Grimme UK potato specialist, Ed Hodson says that the firm’s UK range of haulm toppers have been popular and have performed well. “But by having our German factory oversee production, we are now better placed to take advantage of the incredible amount of research and development that is undertaken in Damme,” he comments.

“We have several pre-production Toppa 600s for order, and as this particular model offers several unique features, we expect them to sell quickly as growers seek the ideal combination of features, performance and price.”

Two other models will follow later in the year – the four-row 400 and eight-row 800.

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