Massey Ferguson plans for 18,000 tractors a year

Massey Ferguson plans to launch 14 new tractor ranges by 2023 and intends to ramp up production at its plant in Beauvais, France, to 18,000 tractors a year.

by Steven Vale

22 Jan 2019

The recent opening of Beauvais 3 (8ha site with a 30,000m² building that houses the new logistics centre) is the first stage of a five-year plan to achieve this.

The spending continues and the next proposed expansion involves acquiring and transforming a neighbouring 15.7ha site. Located immediately between the new logistic centre and the main site, AGCO reckons that the new area presents opportunities to implement growth plans previously limited by a lack of space.

Once the next round of expansion is complete, the Beauvais site will cover a total area of 54ha and employ up to 2,500 people (includes GIMA and AGCO Finance joint ventures). We understand that this extra space will allow AGCO to roll out a range of new agricultural machinery that is a key part of the company’s growth plans.

AGCO has invested more than €300 million in Beauvais during the past six years.