MaterMacc combi drill for all crops

Available in rigid (2.5m-4.0m) and folding (5.0m-7.0m) versions, MaterMacc’s MSD pneumatic drill combi can be equipped with single or double disc openers. Disc pressure on each seeding unit can be increased up to 45kg.

by Steven Vale

27 Jul 2022

It is not that long ago that products made by Italian company MaterMacc were also finished in the Arbos livery. The Arbos brand is history, but the company behind it, the Chinese Lovol group, still owns MaterMacc and continues to invest in new products.

The MSD drill combi is one. Designed to work with a power harrow at an average working speed of 10km/hr, main features include the redesigned seed metering system. Suitable for a wide range of crops, including cereals, OSR and grass, seed rates are set with the newly-developed MagicDrill metering system.

The seed metering roller sections can be operated individually (for find seeds) or simultaneously for a distribution rate from 2.0kg-450kg/ha. Manual selection of the most appropriate seeding roller is said to be easy.

Driven by an electric motor, the four metering units are controlled by the firm’s X4 monitor. Tramline functions and section shut-off are optional. With a minimum inter-row spacing of 12.5cm, the transport width of all models is 2.54m. Front hopper capacity is 1,800 litres with the option of a larger 2,200-litre version.