The Italian manufacturer is well known for its precision planters. The MSD Elektro pneumatic drill is claimed to offer similar precision with cereals in min-tillage situations.

Available in working widths of 5.0m and 6.0m, and designed to operate at speeds from 10-13km/hr, like other drills in the MSD range the seed distribution units are powered by an electric motor. Controlled from the company’s X4 monitor, it is possible to change seed rates, activate the electronic calibration, and control the optional tramline function.

The coulters are staggered in two rows. A single disc opener with depth limiter is standard, but various configurations are available. Coulter pressure is individually adjustable up to 45kg, which the company says allows it to work in all soils and take out tractor wheelings.

The metering system can cope with both small and large seeds and the possibility to shut off outlets allows it to drill a range of different crops. The standard row distance of 12.5cm can be increased to a maximum of 25cm for crops such as oilseed rape. The company says this provides a practical and economical way of having two seed drills in one.

Seed hopper capacity is 1300 litres and the MSD Elektro comes with a loading platform with folding ladder, transport lights and reflectors. The options list includes a rear harrow. Tractor power requirement is from 100-130hp and the two drills fold to a transport width of 2.7m.