McCormick launches 75hp Stage V tractor

Described as a versatile and easy to use tractor for transport, front loader and light-duty field work, the 75hp FPT block in the X5.085 meets Stage V emissions with EGR, DOC and DPF technology. There is no SCR.

by Steven Vale

29 Apr 2021

Brought to the UK by AgriArgo, and strategically positioned between the Stage V X4s and future X5 Stage V models, the 3.4-litre, four-pot and 8-valve engine (turbo intercooler with common rail electronic injection) in the X5.085 provides a torque of 375Nm at 1,400rpm.

Lift capacity of the Cat II mechanically-controlled rear linkage is 3.9t (optional 1.7t Cat II front linkage). Implement attachment controls are found both in the cab and on the mudguard, there are five hydraulic spools and the flow rate is 56l/min.

The tractor can be coupled to the new M15 front loader (controlled by a new dedicated joystick), the newly-designed frame of which does not reduce ground clearance or limit the front axle steering angle range.

Suspended on four silent blocks, inside the four-post cab is a new concept joystick to control the transmission (such as Hi-Lo and H-M-L), and front loader automatic release, third and fourth functions.

The steering wheel is adjustable in rake/reach and the cab roof, which has a transparent hatch, can be lowered when entering tight spaces. The 34” rear wheels provide good ground clearance, the weight-power ratio is 48kg/hp and the capacity of the diesel tank is 103 litres. The brake system, which combines the rear brakes with the front oil-cooled brakes integrated within the axle, is claimed to reduce stopping distances by 50%.

Made in Italy by Argo Tractors, the X5.085 is designed to house the McCormick fleet management telematics monitoring system. This measures fuel consumption, working hours and scheduled maintenance. The information is displayed in a web portal and an App.