As with the current range there will be three versions of the Fusion 4; standard, Pro and Plus. The two latter models benefitting from now having ISObus compatible controls. But it is the crop intake where most Fusion users will immediately notice a change.

Dubbed Profi-Flo, the path of the forage has been improved and the starting point for this is the five-tine bar cam track controlled and the optional six-row camless pickup which gain a heavier driveline to extend chain service life.  The 2.10m pickup gains an extra tine so it is now wider.

The feed channel has been tapered to better direct the flow of forage to the rotor from the pickup. The plate behind the crop roller has been changed to fingers which again is aimed at making crop flow more smoothly.

As standard all of the balers have a 540rpm gearbox which can be upgraded to a 1,000rpm unit. The faster speed with reduced torque is said to reduce the sharp loads on the driveline. The protective clutch has a 10% higher setting which helps reduce the risk of blocking. If you do choke the baler, you can select 540rpm for easier restarts. McHale actually recommends running at 890rpm which should allow the tractor to run at lower revs and save fuel.

There are now separate pumps for the grease and oil. The grease pump is connected to the downward movement of the bale tip, the oil pump works off the upward movement.

A larger net/film brake has been installed on the Fusion 4 Plus which provides 25% more stretch. This is said to be particularly beneficial in cold weather when film binding needs a higher stretch percentage. Moving rearward, the cut and hold slider brushes reduce friction to help eliminate tearing in hot or wet conditions. The cut and hold gains a hydraulic tap to lock the mechanism open for safer, easier maintenance.

On the Pro and Plus combis, there is a control pad at the rear of the machine so the operator can carry out a number of functions without having to return to the cab. This includes turning on the new lighting behind the side panels making film replacement at night that little bit easier.

As mentioned the Pro and Plus gain ISObus compatible controls as standard. If your tractor doesn’t have a screen or separate UT display you can choose  between the McHale ISO-Play 7 or larger 12 terminal.

There are a number of other detail changes on the Fusion 4 which we hope to explore in a future profi driving impression.