Methane-powered MF prototype

There is nothing official, but MF appears to be developing a methane-powered tractor. Currently on the drawing board, according to a report on the La France Agricole website, the goal is to find an alternative fuel for MF’s Beauvais-built 7700 Series (picture is of a standard model).

by Steven Vale

7 Jun 2018

Apparently, the research and development team has evaluated a number of different possibilities, including hydrogen, but for now sees more mileage in the methane route. We understand that the methane-powered tractor will stand around 20cm taller than the equivalent diesel model, have a slightly longer wheelbase, and the position of the engine may need to shift slightly to create room for the methane storage tanks.

The 1,600 litres of pressurised methane are reportedly stored in as many as nine tanks, some of which replace the diesel tank below the cab, with two 130-litre tanks strapped to the sides of the cab. There is no news on when the prototype will break cover.