Specifically designed for 200hp to 300hp tractors equipped with a Central Tyre inflation System (CTIS), the latest version of the 2-in-1 EvoBib tyre is said to perform as well on the road as it does in the field.

The improved tread design of the EvoBib VF710/70 R42 and VF600/70 R30 has been adapted to optimise longevity and tread pattern depth and inter-lug width improves traction and self-cleaning. Also, the Ultraflex casing of the new tyre is now PFO (Pressure Field Operation) rated, a standard that allows manufacturers to increase the load capacity of their tyres for field use.

Internal tests with the new tyres show a footprint increase of 47% between road and field, double that of the company’s AxioBib 2 that is usually used with a CTIS. Tests with the same tyres also shows that the increased shoulder pressure increases traction by 15% compared to a competitor’s VF hybrid tread tyre and an AxioBib 2 of the same size.

On the road, the reduced footprint and the central rib of the tread pattern cuts rolling resistance, while longevity is improved and fuel consumption is reduced.

Fuel consumption is also improved, the tests showing a 2.0l/hr reduction compared to a competitor’s hybrid VF tyre, and a 1.0l/h reduction compared to the AxioBib 2 with CTIS.

The EvoBib range will be expanded later this year with new sizes for 300hp+ tractors.

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