German farmer and engineer August Kuhlenkamp has developed a mobile solution to remove dust from hay and straw before it is baled.

After experimenting with a static machine, the inventor decided to have a stab at a semi-mounted version of what he calls the Stalk Material Intensive Cleaner.

Built earlier this year, the starting point for the prototype was a used 3.0m New Holland pick-up behind which is a row of rotating tines. These propel the material into the air, not only helping aerate it, but more importantly to get dust airborne, for removal by a series of powerful blowers.

Producing an air flow of 3.0m³/sec, straw falls onto one of four augers, which deposit it to the side. All remaining grains and weed seeds currently fall through the sieves onto the ground, but this winter he will add a bunker to collect it. He is also considering increasing the working width by coupling several units together, and the possibilities include a trailed version.

Operating a speeds of 6.0-8.5km/hr, Mr Kuhlenkamp has applied for patents in the EU, Canada and North America. As well as seeking a manufacturer, the capable engineer is working closely with researchers at the University of Applied Sciences in Cologne to further study the benefits of the technique on animal health when feeding hay or straw for bedding.

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