Modified Massey for grading dirt roads

Roughly 2.5m-3.0m longer than the standard tractor, this striking version of MF’s 5712S is designed to level unpaved roads (sand), mainly in the east of the Netherlands.

by Steven Vale

29 May 2019

Developed by Bos Konstruktie en Machinebouw, over the years the Dutch firm reckons to have transformed around a dozen different tractors for levelling dirt roads at speed.

This includes models from Ford, John Deere, New Holland, Renault and Valtra. It also recently re-worked its first Claas tractor (Arion 610) and this is the firm’s first MF tractor project.

Roughly half the price of a dedicated self-propelled grader, the conversion sees the tractor’s front axle shifted forward to make room for a new frame and mid-mounted 3.5m-wide blade. Most of the tractors are fitted with front mounted cameras to improve safety when approaching road junctions.

The Dutch firm reckons that one of the biggest challenges is to ensure that the end result is not only as compact as possible, but also retains its strength. The stretched MF is roughly 2.5-3.0t heavier than the standard 5712S.

Pictures: Bos Konstruktie en Machinebouw