The latest version of the Samson Group’s Opti-Sensor provides users with average manure nutrient values.

The Danish manufacturer previewed the Opti-Sensor, which uses near-infrared (NIR) sensor technology, at SIMA 2022. Providing real-time measurement and display of dry matter and NPK levels in the muck as it passes in front of the sensor, the device won an innovation award gold medal.

This first system has evolved into the Opti-Sensor Assist, which provides average N, P and K values per nutrient. This is calculated over a period defined by the user.

“Due to the heterogeneity of solid manure, it was essential to find a way to obtain a reliable average that the user can refer to,” says Gabriel Lund, product manager for muck spreaders.

The innovation includes a feature that automatically converts the required nutrient (kg/ha) value into t/ha of product to be applied. The information is displayed on the in-cab display.

Once the operator has keyed in the nutrient values, the system provides a target application rate, and Samson says that this new feature allows for precise adjustment of application rates. Opti-Sensor Assist also provides documentation of all nutrients applied to a field.

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