Launched in 2013, the Major is one of Zetor’s most important models, but up until now it has only been available with a 12f x 12r mechanical transmission and a top speed of 30km/hr. This is something the company is changing with the launch of the 80HS, which is fitted with a 24f x12r two-stage powershift (four gears/three ranges), with an electro-hydraulic power shuttle for direction changes under load. Providing six gears within the working range from 4-12km/hr, the minimum speed of the new gearbox is 0.5km/hr, and the tractor has a top speed of 40km/hr. Powered by a 2.9lit four-pot engine, new features inside the cab include more storage space, an adjustable steering column and dashboard, which can be switched to display specific data. The seat is also new and the 80HS is equipped with a passenger seat. There are new work lights, the turning front mudguards reduce the turning circle of the tractor to 3.9m, and fuel tank capacity is up from 80 to 120 litres.

Production is planned to start in January, and the Czech tractor maker expects the first models to be delivered to customers soon afterwards. The current 60 (55hp) and 80 (76hp) Major models are now marketed as the CL.