More consistent drilling depth for the 750A

The latest ProSeries opener on John Deere’s 750A all-till drill is designed to provide even less soil disturbance, more consistent seeding depth, better seed to soil contact and improved slot closure.

by Steven Vale

9 Oct 2018

Replacing the 90 Series opener that has been on the drill since its introduction in the mid-1990s, the new version further reduces soil movement by utilising a narrower seed boot that fits tighter to the disc.

Wear life is also increased, is the claim, as the seed boot is hidden more behind the opener disc and subjected to less soil contact. Other updates include the narrower and larger flexible press wheel that not only fits in the seed trench better but also has a double-row bearing for extended service life.

Preventing seeds bouncing out of the trench, the seed tab has also been redesigned for increased wear life. Available on new machines from January, and suitable for retro-fitting, the latest ProSeries opener has only one grease point for minimal annual maintenance.

New, fully ISObus compliant software is also available for the 750A and the 740A min-till drill. Also working with third party displays, as well as managing features such as section control, the software prevents overdosing in tramlines and provides a pre-dosing function.

Previously when drilling with tramlines the system simply divided the same amount of seed to fewer openers which, says the company, led to slight overdosing in the drilled rows. This latest software reduces the total amount of seed to maintain the correct seed rate across the whole field.