The SprayHub front tank can now be used with the SprayKit for band spraying with a rear mounted hoe, such as the EC-Weeder (up to 28 rows) from Lemken subsidiary Steketee.

The two nozzles per row configuration allows herbicide to be sprayed from the side and under plant leaves, and Lemken reckons that the combination of hoeing and band spraying can reduce the workload by up to 60%.

The SprayKit can also be used to apply fertiliser with the Azurit (up to eight rows) precision drill. Fertiliser is applied via a double disc coulter.

Available in 1,100 or 1,500-litre capacities, the standard spec of the SprayHub includes a clean water tank, hand wash tank, filling filter, agitator, cleaning systems and dedicated controls. The ISObus controlled tank can be operated via the iQblue spray software.

Options include an induction nozzle to help break up solids, a CTS connection for contactless induction, and electrical single-row deactivation via ISObus which with GPS enables row-by-row automatic section control.

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