Powered by the same Liebherr Stage V V12 engine as the flagship model, the Big X 980 and 1080 are fitted with a modified PowerSplit, which matches available engine power to current requirements at the touch of a button.

When the full engine power is not needed, PowerSplit allows the Big X to work in the fuel-saving eco-power mode. X-Power is selected for situations that require the full power of the engine. This can also be activated automatically and continuously variably from the various output levels. The optional engine speed management helps to reduce fuel consumption by automatically lowering the engine speed, for example, when changing trailers.

Otherwise, the Big X 980 and Big X 1080 share much of their technology with the range-topping Big X 1180. This includes six pre-compression rollers, the chopping drum, OptiMaxx 305 CornConditioner and VariStream. The latter comprises a spring-loaded floor beneath the chopping cylinder and a spring-loaded plate behind the crop accelerator which combine to ensure a smooth crop flow through the machine.

The new models also come with VariLOC; a gearbox inside the pulley that drives the chopping drum. This allows drum speed to be reduced  from 1250 to 800rpm, to increase cut lengths by up to 50%.

Both Big X newcomers can be ordered with the optional high-lift cab and XtraPower, which allows additional engine power into the machine to be booked online for a limited period. There is XtraPower 100 for the Big X 980 and the Big X 1080 and XtraPower 200 for the Big X 980.

Other options include a dual-purpose NIR control sensor which helps to measure and record nutrient levels in grass, maize and whole crop silage as these crops are being harvested.

The Big X 980 and Big X 1080 are equipped with SmartConnect – a standard telemetric unit that offers real-time collection and transmission of all machine data.