Quoting precise figures is difficult because some countries include compacts, but around 15,500 new Fendt tractors were registered in Europe last year. This number is around 3.0% higher than in 2022.

Approx. 11,500 of the new Fendt tractors registered in Europe in 2023 were in the top three markets of France, Germany and Italy (11,000 in 2022).

The home market of Germany was the main one for the brand where it secured pole position ahead of John Deere with 6,140 (+15% increase on 2022) units, giving it a fifth share of the 30,345-strong market i.e. one in every five tractors registered in Germany last year was a Fendt.

The brand secured third spot in France, Europe’s second largest market, with roughly 4,000 units (-1.1% on 2022), and while 12.4% fewer Fendt tractors were registered in the third largest market of Italy, it was still good for fifth position with 1,348 units. Other important European markets for Fendt in 2023 included Switzerland, where it enjoyed the top spot in the 2,118 market with 398 (+21% on 2022) units.

Fendt registrations decreased by -9.5% to 628 units in the 8,779-strong Spanish market, but it remained in third spot and increased its market share from 6.8% in 2022 to 7.2%.

Fendt registrations were down in Austria (-7.8%), Belgium (-7.8%) and Hungary (-29.7%), and Scandinavia was a bit of a mixed bag for the Marktoberdorf-based tractor maker. Registrations were up in Norway from 348 units in 2022 to 383 last year, but Fendt lost ground in Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

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