The wrapped edition of the second generation Enduro was the main attraction on Dewulf’s Agritechnica stand. New options on the Gen 2 machine include a more powerful engine and the possibility to lift 4 x 90cm rows.

Set to succeed the first version of the four-row self-propelled harvester launched at the end of 2020, the new exterior contains fewer guards, mainly for improved accessibility, while the main frame has been beefed up a bit.

As well as the standard 450hp Scania motor, the optional 550hp block provides more grunt when working on hilly land and for unloading on the move. The capacity of the anthracite-coloured fuel tank is up from 720 to 820-litres, and the telescoping front axle (75cm version only) slides in to reduces the transport width to 2.8m. The ring elevator has also been renewed. The combination of the larger bag volume, higher running speed and improved product distribution are said to boost the capacity by around 50%.

At the launch three years ago, the Enduro was only able to lift four x 75cm rows. The Belgian manufacturer said it would develop a version for 90cm rows for France and the UK, and indeed, the Enduro 2 is available with the optional four x 90cm row configuration.

The first units of the Enduro 2 will start leaving the production line in January, and Dewulf says it will have one of the new machines working in the field at Potato Europe 2024, which takes place in September in France.

Six wheels on Dewulf Enduro – Profi

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