The 6cyl Mercedes Benz engine in the 2016 version of Grimme’s Maxtron self-propelled sugar beet harvester produces a maximum output of 530hp – 40hp more powerful than the current engine. Meeting Stage IV emissions, the 12.8-litre engine features an improved engine management system to reduce fuel consumption both in the field and on the road. The new Maxtron, which will be on display at Agritechnica, also incorporates the company’s ErgoDrive operator armrest. Already used in the Rexor, the layout provides operator’s with a better overview of all important functions, making it easier to adapt to changing conditions. The latest version of the Rexor 620/630 is fitted with a new variable chopper, which at the push of a button allows operators to deflect leaves to the left-hand side or between the rows. The company says this flexibility can be an important advantage in fields with large volumes of much haulm, or on slopes in wet conditions. Also new for the Rexor is a 32 or 40km/hr option to reduce road travel times.