Replacing the previous 8200, the 9-litre block in the 8100 delivers a maximum output of 431hp. The larger 13.5-litre engine in the new 8200 model sees the power rise by 34hp to 465hp, and the maximum output of the 8300 is up from 490hp to 505hp.

Like the 9500 and 9600, the updated 9700 is also fitted with the JD18X (18-litre) engine (no AdBlue required). The 9700 also receives HarvestMotion Plus, which provides a torque increase and an output of up to 825hp when the engine speed drops.

All 9000 series models are now equipped with the newly designed ejection manifold. The 20cm longer version enables a higher throughput and design and ensures a better overview during chopping. Additional openings facilitate maintenance here.

Available on both 8000 and 9000 series models, the new BusaClad coating on the premium KPTM grain processor with Dura Line is said to improve component longevity and reduce operating costs.

The 30R is a new Kemper-made top model in the R-series grass pick-up range. With a working width of 2.70m, the chainless driven model is equipped with an 80cm-diameter auger and six rows of 6.5mm-diameter tines.