Last week, we reported that UK tractor registrations (50hp+) in 2023 increased by 10% to 11,816. In terms of power, growth was mainly seen in the top half of the power range, with 15% more tractors over 160hp, reports the AEA.

Figures compiled by the Peterborough-based organisation show that registrations from 161-200hp were up by a quarter to 2,999 units (2,430 in 2022). The volumes are lower, but the number of new 241-320hp tractors on UK farms rose by nearly 29% to 916 (711 in 2022), and the number of 320hp+ tractors was up by more than a fifth to 467 (385 in 2022).

In stark contrast to the increased number of registrations above 161hp, there were 13% fewer between 101 and 160hp. The biggest falls were from 101-120hp; -14.3% to 1,292 (1,507 in 2022), and 141-160hp; -20% to 1,716 (2,148 in 2022).

There was also some growth between 51 and 100hp, although the AEA suggests that some of that might have been for non-farm uses and the number of machines in that range is relatively small these days.

With growth mainly at the top of the power range, it is little surprise that the average power of agricultural tractors registered during 2023 increased. It reached 173.9hp, over 5.0hp higher than in 2022 and beating the previous record set in 2020.

Source: AEA Economics Department

According to the AEA, average power has pretty much returned to the historic trend, after dipping below it over the previous couple of years, partly due to supply chain disruptions. As a result, the total power of agricultural tractors registered during 2023 topped two million hp for the first time since 2012, when nearly a fifth more tractors were sold.

At regional level, there was growth in most parts of the UK, but significantly fewer machines were registered in Northern Ireland and the North East of England than in 2022. There were also marginally fewer recorded in East Anglia, South Wales and the North West. The fastest growth was in the English Midlands and the South West.

UK tractor registrations up 10% – Profi

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