The National Association of Agricultural Contractors (NAAC) is launching a social media campaign on ATV safety to highlight the importance of wearing a helmet. Farmers and contractors are being invited to share photos of themselves wearing a helmet with the hashtag #wearitandshareit.

The aim is to make all operators ask why anyone would put themselves, or their workers, at risk (and break the law) by not wearing a helmet on a sit-astride ATV. In the last five years these quad bikes were involved in 14 deaths in agriculture which is the industry’s most significant cause of deaths involving moving vehicles.

Jill Hewitt, NAAC chief executive said, “ATV users should take pride in wearing a helmet to protect their safety and help minimise the risk of the worst possible news being delivered to their family if an incident occurs. None of us are infallible and the NAAC wants the industry to get behind us by sharing photos of themselves wearing a helmet under #wearitandshareit.

“It is a legal requirement to wear a helmet at work and if you leave it behind, you are more likely to suffer a serious head injury, or worse, if you come off. The NAAC is working with Logic helmets to provide a discount to members, removing any final excuses why a helmet would not be worn.”

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