With a working width from 7.7 to 8.8m, the Top 882C twin-rotor rake can lay down a narrow 1.3m swath for small forage wagons, but can also form wider swaths of up to 2.6m for hungry forage harvesters.

Succeeding the Top 842C, ground tracking on the newcomer is taken care of by the five-wheel chassis of the Multitast jockey system. Alternatively, the chassis wheels can be replaced by the optional Flowtast glide bar.

The new rake is said to be easy to operate. Working width is set hydraulically and the lifting sequence can be adapted. The higher the clearance height, the larger the swaths that can be driven over. The lower the setting, the faster the height is reached at the headland.

A flow splitter is fitted as standard to ensure all rotors lift uniformly. An individual rotor lifting system with electrical pre-select for raking headlands and field borders is available as an option.

Despite the rotor diameter of 3.7m, the transport height without removing the tine arms is still below 4.0m.