Harvest Excellence is the name of a new application for mobile devices to maximise the efficiency and performance of New Holland combine harvesters. The company says the app helps operators optimise the settings of their combine harvester taking into account their soil and crop conditions, as well as providing issue resolution support when needed. Currently being rolled out as a pilot in France, Germany, the UK and North America, the app is available for iOS and Android operating systems, in smartphone and tablet versions, on the App Store and Google Play.

Available on the CR, CX 5000-6000 and TC, the app automatically selects the language based on that of the user’s device or, if it is not available, defaults to English. The user-friendly interface then guides the operator through the various steps to collect all the information it needs on their machine and the conditions in their field: combine model, soil, crop, yields, moisture, straw length, slope, presence of stones, wheeled or tracked machine. Once the user has entered all the details, the application works out the recommended settings based on the machine’s configuration and the soil and crop conditions. The operator is then able to tweak the settings based field and local condition experience, and save the configuration for future use. The app can store multiple configurations for different machines and crop conditions. The new app also offers an issue resolution service to further optimise combine settings. It will guide the operator through a series of steps, and at each one the operator indicates whether the suggested action has resolved the issue. If it hasn’t, the app guides them to a further step. Should the optimisation strand not reach a resolution, the app will recommend contacting the dealer, who can be called directly from the app or found through the Dealer Locator feature.