New AVR Ceres planters

Belgium based AVR is introducing three new Ceres planters, the 200M, 200H and 440. The latter bringing a large amount of connected technology.

by Steven Vale

11 May 2020

But starting with the Ceres 200M, this is a mechanically powered two-row planter. It uses the same planting system as other Ceres machines but pared back to its simplest form. There are two hopper sizes, 750kg and 1,300kg with electric agitators in the cup belt, a ridging hood and a fertiliser unit.

The Ceres 200H is also a two-row machine but it has nearly all of the features of the larger four-row AVR planters. The 200H is hydraulically powered and has a larger hopper which can measure up to 2.85m wide. It also features narrow furrow ploughs, large wheel equipment which can be positioned next to the bed.

But the jewel in the AVR new planter crown is the Ceres 440 which is ISObus controlled using the tractor terminal or its own dedicated display. With a GPS input it can perform section control and variable rate fertiliser. On this hydraulically powered machine, each row is equipped with its own motor for independent control.

AVR is also introducing its AVR Connect system which has been available on the Puma 4.0 harvester. This can be used for field documentation, logging the variety and amount of seed used and the field information can be imported as a shape file. The telematics system can be remotely accessed to show real time performance and make necessary tweaks. Waiting times and other information can be assessed to see if there are ways to boost output, similar to what Claas does with its system on combines.

On the hardware side, the 440 has 510mm serrated covering discs. The depth control wheels can be adjusting using a spindle operated from the side of the machine. There is the option of the agitator speed automatically changing depending on the inclination.

Several variations of the 440 from a 1.5t fixed bunker to a 1.9t tipping hopper with an optional ridging hood which can be paired with an anti-erosion kit. There is also a choice of powdering unit, granular applicator and spray system.