High-capacity muck spreaders for large farms and contractors tend to enjoy all the attention, but Joskin reckons it is important not to overlook smaller users, and with this in mind the Belgian firm has just added a new 8cu.m. model to the bottom end of its Siroko range. Designed on the basis of the S4010/9V, the smallest previous model in the range, the new S4008/8V has the same running gear and 4m body length but its height is lowered by 24cm to 85cm. Like the rest of the range the two removable 1.5m high x 820mm diameter vertical beaters are designed to offer the same spread quality as the rest of the range. Claimed to offer good stability on even steep inclines, options for the S4008/8V include a hydraulic guillotine door, 250mm aluminium or wooden extensions, and PVC protection of the upper body strip. The Siroko range now spans five models with capacities from 8 to 13 tonnes. B