Intelligent interior and exterior LED lighting, ultrasonic proximity sensors, a newly-designed joystick and a multi-touch display with graphical interface are just some of the new technologies included in cab concept called the Genius. The design sees an aluminium ‘soft cab’ covered by a separate steel ROPS/FOPS structure, which is suitable for vehicles up to 50 tonnes. The externally-located A-posts not only provide rollover protection, but also act as a handrail and even have integrated light strips. The concept cab offers numerous other surprises, one of which includes an external electrically-operated sunshade. Still unimpressed? There is even an illuminated door handle and an illuminated logo in the seat backrest, and a seat with a massage function! The Genius differs to all current cab designs in that it lacks conventional side-mounted rear-view mirrors. Instead, Mekra Lang, one of the project partners, has developed a system that ditches glazing for cameras, with the images from wide-angle side-mounted cameras displayed digitally inside the cab. The Genius is the result of 18 months of development by 13 partners united as the Concept Cluster CAB. These include familiar names such as Bosch (electronics), Grammer (seat), Hella (lighting), Hydac (filter systems), Aurora (air-conditioning) and Fritzmeier Systems (cab frame), and less well-known names including Savvy Telematic Systems and Lumod design agency, with overall project management with the TU Dresden University of Technology. A number of manufacturers are reportedly already working with the new design, or some aspects of it, and we are told to expect to see something break cover within the next 1-2 years.