The three-cylinder Stage V versions of the Tafe 15 series tractors (55hp 5515, 65hp 6515 and 74hp 7515) are available with a new cab.

The interior has been updated and the hi-vis roof will appeal to front loader operators. Speaking at an Agritechnica press conference, group president, Thekkepat Raman Kesavan told journalists that the Indian tractor manufacturer has plans for Tafe in Europe.

The brand does not yet have a foot on the ground in the big market of France, but has a presence in most European markets where it wants to be known as a high-tech tractor specialist up to 100hp.

“Europe is a technology market, and we have high technology tractors,” claims chief technology officer, Massimo Ribaldone, who reminded journalists of the company’s newly set-up R&D centre in the UK, which is charged with designing tractors for the European market.

Power to all three 15 series tractors is from a three-pot 2.6 litre block, and the 7515 is the most powerful Tafe tractor in Europe today. Rear lift capacity of the two larger models is 2.5t, and the mechanical synchromesh tranny provides 12f x 12r speeds.

There is still a gap to fill to get to 100hp, and looking ahead there is a hint of a possible 100-150hp range for Europe in the future, and while the company delivers tractors up to 200hp in Africa, Stage V versions for Europe are currently off the radar.

There are no immediate plans to develop a CVT but an electric transmission is in development and Tafe showed a 20kW 6030e electric tractor with a multi-speed pto. The first production models are expected to arrive in Europe by the second half of 2024.

Also on the stand was the hydrogen powered 7515 H2 (55hp) concept and a project that began earlier this year. This retains the combustion engine and works a bit like a petrol motor with a specially developed turbo. “The key point is to use the current diesel engine platform,” adds Mr Ribaldone.

One of India’s largest privately owned companies, the group president says that the company makes around 200,000 Tafe, Massey Ferguson, Eicher and IMT badged tractors a year, but says it can easily boost the numbers to the 300,000 mark. All are made on the same production line, which churns them out at the rate of one every 3.75 minutes.

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