John Deere’s T500 and T600 walker combines are being replaced by the four model T5 five walker and four model T6 six walker combines for next season. While there are tweaks to the engine, such as a reduced engine speed function for travelling on the road, the biggest change is the adoption of the cab from the X9 flagship and extra electronics.

With 3.68m3  of space, the cab has the same layout and features such as the optional ActiveSteat II with electronic controls, all-round cooling and electronic suspension. There are also as many as 10 12V and USB sockets for extra screens and somewhere to plug in your phone along with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity. From an operating point of view it has the CommandPro joystick with programmable settings.

Regarding connectivity, the T5 and T6 come GreenStar ready so you can fit a StarFire 7500 integrated receiver and G5 Plus display. The 12.8in screen has the usual multi-menu layout and you can add a second G5 screen to give you more to look at.

Anything else to get excited about from the press release? Well, there is a change to the grain tank design and capacities with up to 11,500-litres on the T5 and 13,500-litres on the T6. An adjustable spout gives extra control of the grain flow from the unloading auger which has a peak output of 150l/second.

There is a press event taking place this summer when we will get to see the new combine range in the flesh. But of more interest to a wider audience will the new 6M tractors which have finally been given 50km/hr versions of the AutoQuad and AutoPowr transmissions and the range has been extended up to the 6M250. There are also rumours of a more powerful version of the 6R but there has been nothing official on these tractor changes.

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