While sharing much of the technology with the rest of Pöttinger’s Torro Combiline forage wagons, the two new larger models, the 7010 (max. 40m³) and 8010 (max. 43m³), contain a number of updates also included in the rest of the range.

This includes the new beater drive line, which with an output power of 160kW (1700Nm of torque), allows quicker unloading of the contents. The CANBUS-based side-mounted control panel is also new. Claimed benefits include a good overview of all additional functions such as the knife bank, Autocut, scraper floor and as a new feature, simpler hitching and unhitching of the loader wagon.

All Torro Combiline models are now optionally available with a 4t drawbar, which provides improved traction in the field and in the clamp, and enables heavier loads to be transported, says Pöttinger. The latest models can also be equipped with an optional driver assist intelligent trailed axle system (available only with the Power Control terminal and load sensing), which in additon to integrated sensors for driving speed and direction also has a steering angle sensor.

Other features include a new weighing system that allows the maximum load of the wagon to be pre-set and displayed. The display turns red and a warning signal sounds if this weight is exceeded, and the Austrian manufacturer reckons the new wear-resistant cutting edge on the Durastar knives results in an extended service life.