New fixed chamber round baler

Described as a simple baler to tackle all conditions and crops from dry straw to wet silage, the New Holland Agriculture Roll-Bar 125 replaces the BR6090. There are two versions, the Rotor Feeder and Rotor Cutter.

by Steven Vale

10 Sep 2021

Finished in new exterior styling, as well as improving access to service points for maintenance, the large opening side panel also provides protected space for storing spare net rolls.

The main frame of the baler has been modified and a shock absorber has been added on both sides between the main frame and the tailgate to ensure a smooth closing. The front lights have been repositioned to accommodate the new side panels.

A hydraulic Rotor Reverser with a free-run clutch is now available on Rotor Feeder models, for easy unplugging when there is a rotor blockage.