New flotation tyres from CEAT

The rounded shoulder of the Floatmax MT radial flotation tyres is claimed to reduce soil and crop damage on slurry tankers, muck spreaders and trailers.

by Steven Vale

27 Mar 2019

One of three new farm radial ranges from Indian manufacturer CEAT Specialty, other Floatmax features include a wider and flatter crown for better flotation characteristics and the centre lugs are claimed to increase stability on the road.

Other new radials recently added to the company’s European portfolio include row crop and Farmax R65, R70 and R85 farm ranges. Main features of the latter include a wider tread for reduced soil compaction, a higher angle and lug overlap for improved performance on the road and the lower shoulder angle is claimed to improve traction.

Operating from newly opened offices in the Netherlands, CEAT Specialty Tyres is a wholly owned subsidiary, and flagship company, of CEAT – one of India’s leading tyre manufacturers. Headquartered in Mumbai, last year the 15 firms in the group generated a turnover of around US$3.3 billion.

The company produces more than 15 million tyres a year, and 5,000+ staff work at the seven plants in India (6) and Sri Lanka (1). Some 3.5 million of these are for CEAT Specialty Tyres, which was established in 2015 to focus on off-highway tyres for tractors, trailers, earthmoving equipment and forklifts.

In the UK, the farm tyres are available from Nordic Tyres UK and GB Tyres. Looking ahead, the company not only plans to come with new high-HP tractor tyres later this year, but also combine harvester and steel-belted slurry tanker versions.