New Holland gives HD major cab upgrade

More room, more storage and fresh tech are all part of the cab upgrade for the new three model T7HD range.

by Mervyn Bailey

28 Jul 2021

While the new generation of T7.275, T7.290 and T7.315 are not radically different on the outside to the current offering, there are subtle differences such as the lower back mudguards to boost visibility and there is a new 24 LED work light package.

The big changes are when you get into the 7.5% bigger cab which has been completely redesigned to the point that the noise level is now a class leading 66dB(A). The bigger cab offers more legroom and there is bags more storage, in fact you can put a bag behind the seat there is that much more space or at least that is the claim.

To the left there is an enclosed storage area complete with power sockets behind the passenger seat which now gets a flat back so you have somewhere to do your paperwork or pour a cup of coffee without it spilling. Another thing which has been a long time coming and will be welcomed by New Holland operators is the 12-litre chilled coolbox, large enough to hold two big bottles, under the passenger seat – another reason why the mudguards have been redesigned.

On the right operators get the new Sidewinder armrest from the T8 Genesis complete with IntelliView 12 display and a host of customisable functions. There are also additional open storage areas and the seat has a greater degree of swivel, again due to the mudguard redesign.

Continuing the modern, high tech look, the dash is gone and it is replaced by a steering wheel mounted display. Yes, you read that right, the ‘CentreView’ screen is mounted on the steering wheel and yes it self-levels so you do not have to try and read the key information upside down.

To stop you getting hot and bothered there is a full climate control system with zone selection. This has 35% more puff than the old setup so it should be able to warm up or cool down the bigger cab quicker than before. The top of the range AutoComfort seat adds a climate control system to extract moisture on hot days or warm your backside on cold mornings.

Like the T8 Genesis, the new T7HD has a new electronic architecture for even greater use of telematics and other new PLM features using the Cygnus receiver.

We have an extensive driving impression on the new tractor range with the Horizon Ultra cab coming up in the October issue in a few weeks’ time, so keep an eye out for that.

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