New Holland retained pole position in the Italian tractor market last year, and also topped the charts in Poland, Portugal and Slovenia. The brand secured second spot in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands and Spain, and third place in the big market of France.

New Holland headed the Italian market in 2022, but actually registered a quarter fewer tractors (3,601 in 2022/4,841 in 2021), and its share of the third largest European market (20,217 units) fell from 19.9% in 2021 to 17.8%.

In the largest market of France, the brand secured third position with 3,874 of the total 34,857 units. New Holland numbers were down -11.7% on the 4,389 of 2021 and the company’s market share fell to 11.1% (12.4% in 2021).

In Germany, the 1,620 new tractors registered by New Holland was down more than a fifth on the 2,085 a year earlier. The brand retained seventh position with a market share of 5.3% (6.0% in 2021).

The company retained second position in Spain accounting for 1,305 of the country total of 9,318 units. However, New Holland numbers were a fifth lower than in 2021, and market share down to 14% (14.6% in 2021).

Providing the figures in German dealer magazine Eilbote are accurate then New Holland lost market share in all but three (Finland, Hungary and Switzerland) European tractor markets last year.

This is partly explained by the lower markets, with total volumes in all the important ones down; Germany (-12%), France (-1.4%), Italy -17.1%), Spain (-16.6%) and Portugal (-2.7%). However, some other tractor manufacturers managed to increase their shares of last year’s lower markets. Massey Ferguson was one of them. We’ll have a look at this brand’s 2022 performance in Europe tomorrow. Source: Eilbote

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