New-look Belarus tractors on the way

The Minsk Tractor Works (MTW) will show a striking new Belarus tractor prototype at Agritechnica next month.

by Steven Vale

14 Oct 2019

Powered by a Stage V motor, the 742 is flagged up as a modern-day interpretation of the legendary MTZ-50 and MTZ-80. In the future, the new styling will be used as the basis for a new Belarussian-made range from 50hp to 75hp.

Visitors to the last Agritechnica in November 2017 will almost certainly have seen the 466hp 4522. Dubbed many some as the beast from the east and by others as the monster from Minsk, this tractor was well covered in our July 2019 issue. The MTW has even developed a 500hp model (5022), which many had suspected would come to Agritechnica.

Apparently not. The highlight this year is the 742 and on tractors certified for sale in Europe. Other Belarus tractors coming to the Hannover Fairgrounds include a re-styled and Stage V version of the 923. Plus, there will be one each of a 952, 1220 and 1523.