New look for latest Grimme web grader

The overall length is the same as the previous model, but Grimme reckons to have increased the grading area on the latest version of its WG900 by 15%.

by Steven Vale

7 Feb 2020

Maintaining the same overall means that grading webs from the previous model can still be used, says the company, and the new 800mm wide cross conveyor ensures an improved crop transfer of graded potatoes and onions to subsequent conveyor belts.

Other updates to the restyled web grader include a 60mm reduction in the fall height from the grading web onto the cross conveyor.

New options include the QuickConnect quick-change system, which is claimed to reduce downtime by up to 70% compared to conventional web-joiners. Allowing grading webs to be quickly and easily adapted to the desired tuber size, hook elements are simply clicked onto the connecting rod to join the two ends of the grading web.

Other WG900 options include a height-adjustable chassis for easier integration into the storage line.